Welcome to Tastyfresh.com. Tastyfresh was founded in 1996 by Jamey Wright and Andy Payne. The original purpose of the site was to be a news and information hub for all things dealing with the then budding Christian rave scene which had begun in 1991. Initially, the site featured mostly news and interviews with artists. Not long after its launch a small database of “Christ-Friendly” vinyl was added to help DJs find secular music that would be appropriate and safe to play at a Christian rave. Sometime in 1998, Jamey added a message board to the site.

Fast forwarding to 2002, Jamey retired from the site to focus on his family and other things that God was leading him to be involved in. Rather than shutting down the site, Jamey turned it over to David Richardson (aka Dave Richards and redsavior). With the help of other members of the Tastyfresh community, the site grew into a quarterly online magazine and began taking on the challenge of encouraging the various members of the site to take things beyond the website and start building local Christian scenes.

Between 2002 and 2011, Tastyfresh was a small but vibrant online community. Every month, Tastyfresh would receive 5,000 to 7,000 visitors. The message board saw a daily flurry of activity and its fair share of quarrels. The most embarrassing time moment was when a theological debate was republished without permission in Mixmag. In 2007, a series of podcasts were launched that featured both new Christian DJ talent and Christian DJs who were actively touring in the secular scene at the time.

The biggest honor for the community came in 2007 when they were asked to take over the management of the EDM stage at the Cornerstone Music Festival. Over the next five years, the Tastyfresh community came together to convert a barn in the middle of a cornfield into a high energy night club. Talent was brought in throughout the world with an emphasis of bringing well known DJs with new and upcoming talent. DJs like Topher Jones, Kenneth Thomas, Greg “Stryke” Chin, Tim Richards and Shiloh graced the stage. The stage would attract between 800 to 1,600 people a night. To supplement the event, a CD was produced and given out for free every year after the first year.

After 2011, times changed. Social media became king and the needs of both the scene and the community changed. God began to raise a new set of leaders who were tired of the infighting that had become deeply rooted in the Christian EDM scene over the years. While people would stop by Tastyfresh for the podcast or maybe an article, the bulk of the community had moved on to other stages in life. Tastyfresh no longer was having the impact that it should have been having.

In 2014, David decided that it was time to retire Tastyfresh for the time being. This site remains as a memorial to the largest and longest running online community of Christian EDM lovers. There is much that could be said about the site, but it is the community that has always been important. Many Christian DJs and producers developed their skills and their faith through the relationships built here. Much of that knowledge and history has been retained below.

All of the Tastyfresh podcasts have been uploaded to Mixcloud.com and all of the articles have been converted to a PDF. Feel free to download and share the articles and please stream the music. You will also find links to other active online communities of Christians and Christian owned record labels below.

Please remember that Tastyfresh may be gone, but all that means is that it is time for you to step up and step out in faith. If you have a heart for electronic dance music and for seeing the God move in the rave scene, you are truly needed now more than ever..

Article Archive

Starting with the launch in 1996, the Tastyfresh community was blogging before blogging was cool. Check out the archive of interviews, tutorials and editorials that graced Tastyfresh.

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Tastyfresh Podcasts

From 2007 until 2014, Tastyfresh published podcasts nearly month. Covering a multitude of genres and DJs, you’ll find them all on Mixcloud.

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