TF Member Podcasts

Many of’s members have their own podcasts. Here are a just a few that we’ve found noteworthy. Check back from time to time as we are going to be adding more podcasts in the future.

Above All Presents… 

This is the official podcast of Above All Records. Above All is a Christian based label in the Netherlands. Keep an eye out for their releases on Beatport, iTunes and all major stores.


Deeflash Podcast 

Deeflash is a progressive and tech house producer from New York state. He help to establish MK837 and continues to release with them to this date. His podcast is a mixture of tech house, progressive house and techno. He tends to be on the lookout for great new tracks as well as blasts from the past.


Joel Armstrong’s Slower Beats! 

Joel has become a staple of the Vancouver scene. By day he’s an interactive designer, but by night he’s a tech house dj and producer. He owns and runs Dot Dot Records. His releases on can be found on Mesmeric, OOSH Music, Flow Vinyl, Alive Recordings, London Music, Dot Dot and more.


The Sawadee Sound System 

DJs Ecliptik, Dunamis, Cogito, Kru & Ryan Goode are the Sawadee Sound System. This podcast is the archive of their two year and counting Internet radio show on GodsDjs Radio ( If you’re looking for a mix of jungle, drum and bass, dubstep and breakbeats, this is for you.


Weekend Maneuvers with Kevin Neely 

Kevin Neely (aka Kevin Oneel) brings you a varied set of breaks, house and drum and bass that is perfect for starting off your weekend.  The show has a bit more of a radio format to it. Kevin is the A&R director for MK837 and produces just about everything under the sun OTHER than dubstep. You can find his releases on Uncovered and MK837.