Andy Hunter: Collide

Andy Hunter: Collide

It has been a long time since we at TastyFresh were able to sit down with Andy Hunter and have a bit of a chat about what he has been up to. Last time we found him, he had just finished up his latest album Colour and scored the soundtrack for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with Robbie Bronnimann. This time around he has just released his new EP entitled Collide after spending several months tou... Read More »

Top 100 DJs 2010: Vote Early, Vote Often

Top 100 DJs 2010: Vote Early, Vote Often

It’s that time of the year again. DJmag has launched its annual poll to see who is the most popular, sought after, and  well best known DJ.  Voting is open from now until September 2010. Last year the top djs were selected by over 350,000 votes and who knows how many viral campaigns by the DJs themselves and any record labels they are associated with.  Love it or hate it, you know that th... Read More »

Artist Spotlight: G-Powered

Meet G-Powered, a  Christian vocal trance group out of Finland! Don’t forget to learn more about this group and their music by visiting their website. Through their website you can learn how to hook up with them on facebook, myspace, twitter & all of those fun sites. Enjoy! Read More »

Afterhours 2009 Lineup

AH Returns Ever since we packed up on the night of July 3, 2008,  the AfterHours crew has been planning for 2009.  In fact, even as we were setting up for 2008, 2009 was already on our minds.  Well, last year, we had what may be the most successful year ever at the good ol’ barn.  The bar for 2009 was raised to new levels.  We’re always planning, always strivin... Read More »

The 2009 Freshies

Last year, gave out its first awards. The music industry has the Grammys. The television industry has the Emmies. Tastyfresh has the Freshies. They Freshies are our way of recognizing the achievements that Christians have made over the past year. In 2008, the senior staff picked the winners. This time around, so do you. We’re going to have the staff picks and the community picks. ... Read More »

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