The Business of Dance Music Part 6: The Basics of Event Promotion

Imagine walking into a venue with hundreds of people dancing as hard as they can, totally lost in the moment, enjoying themselves like they never have before. As you walk around, you’re thinking about profit margins, what the door is looking like, and just where have those headliners of yours run off to? That’s right – You’re a promoter! This is your element. This is yo... Read More »

The Drop: Help Wanted

As you probably have noticed, there is no REAL Drop this issue. I sent out about 15 emails and private messages to people, and either they were not interested in writing a Drop or I did not receive any response. Because of this, there will be no official Drop this time out. Read More »

The Survival Instinct & That Enigmatic X-Factor

It’s often the hole in your heart that drives you.  Some of the best artists were driven to create their greatest works out of their tragedies and some of the best music is made out of heartbreak and yearning for healing.  A person who understands the pain in others, because of what they have been through in life, are often the most qualified to communicate to others in music and i... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part 4: USDA Value

In this series, we’ve primarily dealt with business aspects of electronic music.  We’ve covered contracting, marketing, and networking.  This time, I’d like to say a bit about something not normally covered along with business, and that’s providing value.  See, value is when someone makes an investment that returns more in reward than the initial cost.  How do y... Read More »

Violence in Culture

In September 2000 The Christian Herald published an article that began with this statement: “This past summer, Toronto’s mayor, city counselors and law enforcement officers debated how to clean up the city¹s rave scene. A group of Christians are one step ahead of them, throwing dance parties with no drugs, no weapons, no drinking, no smoking, no sexually provocative clothing and no on... Read More »

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