Andy Hunter: Collide

Andy Hunter: Collide

It has been a long time since we at TastyFresh were able to sit down with Andy Hunter and have a bit of a chat about what he has been up to. Last time we found him, he had just finished up his latest album Colour and scored the soundtrack for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with Robbie Bronnimann. This time around he has just released his new EP entitled Collide after spending several months tou... Read More »

The Setup: Build an Ableton Live DJ Template that Works for You

In this article I will show how I get ready to DJ with Ableton Live and also show one way to setup your DJ rig in Ableton.   The great thing about Ableton Live is just because this is how one person does it, you do not have to follow my setup exactly.  Ableton gives you the ability to setup your rig how ever you want.   We all think differently and Ableton frees us to mix ... Read More »

Discipling Tastyfresh

Shiloh. Andy Hunter. Kubiks. Uberzone. What do you think when you hear these names? Do you think, “Man, that guy is certainly doing the work of God”? Do you think, “That is where Christians need to start being”? Read More »

How To Build A Local Scene: Part Three

Whether you want to promote events, start a record label or DJ agency, run a website, radio show or magazine, or anything else in the scene, the following tips should help you get started. Only you know what you uniquely have to give. Don’t be afraid to step up, learn some new skills and make something happen. Once someone takes the lead, people are likely to follow and come along for the ri... Read More »

Introducing Tastyfresh Groove Fellowships

This is it; we talk about building a scene and seeing more parties on a national scale. Let’s make it happen. The first thing that needs to happen is the development of small groups or fellowships in towns. These small groups would eventually, but not initially throw parties in their hometowns. The initial focus is simply to get the people of out of the virtual world and into the ... Read More »

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