Hey, Remember the Macarena?

During the summer of my junior year in high school I attended a week long art camp at Denver Art Institute. It was supposed to be one of those once in a lifetime, career charting experiences, but I remember practically nothing about it. The only thing I recollect is the last day; the closing ceremonies party. About twenty-five of us were gathered in a parking lot behind one of the buildings enjoyi... Read More »

Afterhours 2008

It’s May. In less than two months, we’ll be in Bushnell, Il again throwing down at the Cornerstone Music Festival. A lot has happened since last year and a lot has remained the same. Over all we’re in both a stronger and weaker position this year over last. Last year was our first year running the EDM stage at the festival. We’ve been planning the event since several days before we wrapped... Read More »

Afterhours 2008: Lineup

Twenty-five years ago, a group for Christians with a love for music decided to put together a festival dedicated to Christian Rock. Over the course of twenty-five years, that festival has changed locations and expanded to cover everything dealing with Christians and well… creativity. The festival’s name: Cornerstone. The festival’s founders: Jesus People USA. The festival’s location: Bushn... Read More »

Prophecy of PANIC: Pride and Prejudice at Cornerstone 2005

After partner Daniel Somboonsiri left the group in 1997, Scroggins continued POP as a solo live act, and has the distinction of being one of the few producers in the “Christian scene” to put out vinyl (1998’s Activ8 EP) at a time when the thought of pressing wax was a pipe dream for many. Scroggins gained indie cred with his releases on Patchpoint Muzik in 2002 and dropped a remix or two for... Read More »

Cornerstone 2005: Five Lessons I Learned this Year

Any event in which any of us are involved in is successful because of the effort put in by everyone. So many people came together to help make Cstone successful. The willingness of each person to be flexible, available, and to do whatever is needed is a HUGE component to a successful event. Read More »

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