What should the number one goal of Christians in the EDM scene be?

In the last issue we asked you to tell us what our number one goal should be as Christians in the EDM scene. We’ve talked a lot about this in the forums over the years and we have had many different answers. This proved to provide just as many as in past discussions. All of them fit into three categories. So, here are the summaries with some of the best quotes. Read More »

July 2004’s Opinion of the Month

Back in July, we asked basically two questions. The first was “What should we as Christians do to have an even greater impact on the electronic dance community?” The second question was “Give an example of a person who is currently having a substantial impact and what that impact is.” We received a larger number of responses this time and I hope that this trend continues. Let’s see what ... Read More »

A Rare Interview with Stephen Nixon of Rhythmsaints

A few years ago, the only source for true progressive house in the Christian scene was Stephen Nixon’s Rhythmsaints. After three albums on N*Soul and a few remixes across a several N*Soul compliations, Stephen left the scene and now is a film maker in the UK. This is one of the few interviews with Mr. Nixon and was done after the last Rhythmsaints release. ⬠Editor Read More »

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