Icon Collective: Getting Educated by the Pros

A few weeks ago, Icon Collective approached me about their dance music production and vocalist programs. Naturally, as I had never heard of such a thing, I was curious enough to bite. I was also very skeptical. Was this the beginning of the end for the DIY training and street cred that we all claim to have when it comes to writing our dance choons? Was this a way to revolutionize and improve the q... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part II: Promotions 101, or How to (Not) Be Seen

Promotions are an often-overlooked aspect of the business by many young artists, and even a few veterans.  Anyone can go hand out CDs, but it’s those extra steps that a person takes that can set them apart from the competition.  In this issue, we will discuss a few common things that drive promoters (and sometimes even myself) up the wall, the art of the promo kit, and how to hit the s... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music: Lesson 1: Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Work

Dance music isn’t the easiest business to make into a career.  Trust me, I’ve been a DJ for over 9 years now, and I’m still trying.  However, it’s a dream that many of us still hold onto, and strive to achieve.  The biggest thing that holds back many young, aspiring DJs and producers from taking that next step from amateur to professional is knowledge of the industry. Read More »

How To Build A Local Scene – Part Two

Everyone has to start somewhere. There seems to be many doorways into the music industry. The key is to find an entrance that works for you. To walk through it and get involved where you can learn and grow and become what you want to be, and enjoy the journey. Whether you have a goal in mind or not, you can often stumble upon opportunities. You can often find or put yourself in situations where yo... Read More »

Christianity and the Dance Scene III:

Any history of a Christian dance scene must include not only the producers of the music and the DJs that spin it, but also the variety of venues, the myriad of events, and the differing motivations that exist for throwing parties – outreach, worship, the desire to kick out the jams, whatever. Dance music events are a key element of the subculture and should not be treated lightly. Read More »

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