Artist Spotlight: Joel Armstrong

This week I have the privilege of sharing my interview with Vancouver’s Joel Armstrong. I’ve known Joel for a few years now and have always enjoyed his music. I hope you will too! Read More »

Artist Spotlight: Fitzpatrick

I’m extremely excited to introduce you to one of my favorite artists, who I just happen to be friends with! Meet Fitzpatrick from Birmingham, Alabama. Read More »

Well Done, Christopher Carl

Well Done, Christopher Carl

This morning when I got to work, I text messaged Chris Reiche like I normally do and the first thing he texted back to me was “Did you hear about Chris.” Obviously, Chris wasn’t talking about himself. I popped on the boards and I instantly saw what he was talking about. Pat D has made the post that one of us always has to make: “Christopher Carl passed away.” This post mar... Read More »

Afterhours 2009 Lineup

AH Returns Ever since we packed up on the night of July 3, 2008,  the AfterHours crew has been planning for 2009.  In fact, even as we were setting up for 2008, 2009 was already on our minds.  Well, last year, we had what may be the most successful year ever at the good ol’ barn.  The bar for 2009 was raised to new levels.  We’re always planning, always strivin... Read More »

Crime, Corruption & Integrity

This article is not an official article written by the police or the news, it is written from personal experience from someone who has seen more in this world than I would hope most others have. It is also written not just for this generation but for the next, the generation where kids bring weapons to school and murder each other on city streets. This is for you, kids, because I was one of you on... Read More »

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