Dear Tastyfresh

Dear Tastyfresh

Dear Tastyfresh, For me it’s been a week full of unexpected events – things that I would never have foreseen, but nonetheless were just around the corner. I was often reminded this week that God did not gift our finite minds with the ability to see even a moment into the future – no matter how convenient that would be. From the sudden, and sad passing of our friend Kevin Neely (who made ... Read More »

It’s Time To Unite: A Call To Arms

It’s Time To Unite: A Call To Arms

Some of you might know that I’m a DJ. I’m also a follower of Jesus. I like to mix those things. DJs tend to be good at mixing things (see what I did there?). Mixing those two things means that I have a vested interest in the Christian Dance Music community. I love the fact that in the last few years the quality of the DJs and music being produced has gone through the roof. So many good... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part 5: Guide To Networking

Networking is the single most important thing you’ll do as a DJ/Producer.  I CANNOT stress this enough.  Networking is something you do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The best thing about networking is the fact that it is so simple and natural to do. Read More »

Violence in Culture

In September 2000 The Christian Herald published an article that began with this statement: “This past summer, Toronto’s mayor, city counselors and law enforcement officers debated how to clean up the city¹s rave scene. A group of Christians are one step ahead of them, throwing dance parties with no drugs, no weapons, no drinking, no smoking, no sexually provocative clothing and no on... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part III: Join the Friends and Family Network!

There’s an old saying: it’s not what you know, but whom you know.  How true is this in the world of dance music!  The most talented DJ in the world is still nothing if nobody hears their music.  I know many DJs who are quite talented, but stuck toiling by themselves in bedrooms and basements all because they do not grasp the full concept of networking.  Read More »

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