Artist Spotlight: G-Powered

Meet G-Powered, a  Christian vocal trance group out of Finland! Don’t forget to learn more about this group and their music by visiting their website. Through their website you can learn how to hook up with them on facebook, myspace, twitter & all of those fun sites. Enjoy! Read More »

The Business of Dance Music: Episode Ten – Bringing it all Together

It’s been my pleasure to write this series for the past two years. When I started writing “The Business of Dance Music” two years ago, it seemed as if all you Tastyfreshers knew where you wanted to go, but had no idea how to get there. In that two year span, I’ve seen many new faces come aboard, and many old faces step up their game. I’ve seen Christians take their production levels up t... Read More »


It was dark and raining harder by the minute. I was in the center lane of the freeway in a car that wasn’t mine. Usually I don’t mind freeway driving, but on this particular night the rain, the mist from a hundred tires and the glare from the streetlights were making it nearly impossible to see the lines on the road. This may not have been a big deal if the highway was a straight shot, but thi... Read More »

Excellence and Influence

A few months ago I was sitting in my church’s business class. The teacher had asked us a question – “What verse might best describe your purpose for starting a business?” As we went around the room, the answers ranged from verses on prosperity to verses on ministry to John 3:16 to the great commission. Since I was sitting near the back of the room I had a moment to think about my answer. T... Read More »

Taking the Leap: Going Pro

One of the questions I am most often asked is, how can I make a living with my music? The most obvious answer is “charge for your services” if you don’t already, but it goes deeper than that – you have to have a business mindset if you want to make money. If you’re only interested in doing it for fun, and don’t want to make it a business, don’t expect to m... Read More »

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