Introducing Tastyfresh Groove Fellowships

This is it; we talk about building a scene and seeing more parties on a national scale. Let’s make it happen. The first thing that needs to happen is the development of small groups or fellowships in towns. These small groups would eventually, but not initially throw parties in their hometowns. The initial focus is simply to get the people of out of the virtual world and into the ... Read More »

The Case for Fellowships

It’s been about seven months now since I first made a post on the forums calling for the start of what I then called Groove Fellowships. Through out a series of discussions on the site about the same time, it became clear that if we were going to grow this scene or if we were even going to help encourage each other in our faith, simply posting on a message board would not cut it. Read More »

How To Build A Local Scene – Part Two

Everyone has to start somewhere. There seems to be many doorways into the music industry. The key is to find an entrance that works for you. To walk through it and get involved where you can learn and grow and become what you want to be, and enjoy the journey. Whether you have a goal in mind or not, you can often stumble upon opportunities. You can often find or put yourself in situations where yo... Read More »

Christianity and the Dance Scene III:

Any history of a Christian dance scene must include not only the producers of the music and the DJs that spin it, but also the variety of venues, the myriad of events, and the differing motivations that exist for throwing parties – outreach, worship, the desire to kick out the jams, whatever. Dance music events are a key element of the subculture and should not be treated lightly. Read More »

How To Build A Local Scene – Part One

The building blocks of any scene are the people in it. The talent, events organizers, and anyone and everyone who gets involved to help out, show support, or show up at events. You can’t have a scene without all the crucial elements – mainly people, talent, skills, equipment, and support – so building excitement and getting people involved is a major priority. What it comes down ... Read More »

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