Homegrown Episode 25 – DJ Sonar Zone

Homegrown Episode 25 – DJ Sonar Zone

Tim is a great guy with a heart to see Christians excel in dance music and ministry. This mix is actually from an event that Tim produced called Dance for Justice. It was an EDM event that was used as a fundraiser for an anti-child sex trafficking ministry. Read More »

Sustainability in Christian EDM

Sustainability in Christian EDM

In 1992, on the way back from a youth skiing trip, a friend of mine slid a tape called Jyradelix into the church bus’s tape deck. From that tape, I heard techno for the very first time. I was also hooked on it. It was also Christian. After that, I couldn’t find enough electronica. Fortunately, that was start of Christian electronica. Well… maybe not the start, but that is when it... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part 6: The Basics of Event Promotion

Imagine walking into a venue with hundreds of people dancing as hard as they can, totally lost in the moment, enjoying themselves like they never have before. As you walk around, you’re thinking about profit margins, what the door is looking like, and just where have those headliners of yours run off to? That’s right – You’re a promoter! This is your element. This is yo... Read More »

How To Build A Local Scene: Part Three

Whether you want to promote events, start a record label or DJ agency, run a website, radio show or magazine, or anything else in the scene, the following tips should help you get started. Only you know what you uniquely have to give. Don’t be afraid to step up, learn some new skills and make something happen. Once someone takes the lead, people are likely to follow and come along for the ri... Read More »

The Case for Fellowships

It’s been about seven months now since I first made a post on the forums calling for the start of what I then called Groove Fellowships. Through out a series of discussions on the site about the same time, it became clear that if we were going to grow this scene or if we were even going to help encourage each other in our faith, simply posting on a message board would not cut it. Read More »

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