Homegrown Episode 24 – DJ G

Homegrown Episode 24 – DJ G

This month's edition of Homegrown I am honored to introduce DJ G. While he is certainly not an up and coming artist you may have not heard of him for he hails from sunny England. DJ G has a podcast called 'Off the Cuff'. If you have not listened in, I highly recommend doing so for some proper House appreciation. Here are some interesting facts about DJ G written below. Read More »

Hey, Remember the Macarena?

During the summer of my junior year in high school I attended a week long art camp at Denver Art Institute. It was supposed to be one of those once in a lifetime, career charting experiences, but I remember practically nothing about it. The only thing I recollect is the last day; the closing ceremonies party. About twenty-five of us were gathered in a parking lot behind one of the buildings enjoyi... Read More »

Artist Spotlight: Fitzpatrick

I’m extremely excited to introduce you to one of my favorite artists, who I just happen to be friends with! Meet Fitzpatrick from Birmingham, Alabama. Read More »

Afterhours 2009 Lineup

AH Returns Ever since we packed up on the night of July 3, 2008,  the AfterHours crew has been planning for 2009.  In fact, even as we were setting up for 2008, 2009 was already on our minds.  Well, last year, we had what may be the most successful year ever at the good ol’ barn.  The bar for 2009 was raised to new levels.  We’re always planning, always strivin... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music Part 7: Keeping Records While Making Them.

Music is an expensive business, isn’t it?  There are pressings, CDs and mastering.  Then there’s equipment, travel, promotional materials, administration, and did I mention that every once in a while, you might like to purchase new music.  Before you know it, expenses are running rampant, and you are left holding the bill for everything.  This doesn’t have to happen. ... Read More »

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