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Streaming and the New World Order

Streaming and the New World Order

Spotify has been in the spotlight for months now. They’ve been making people happy worldwide with their low cost subscription plans for music. Who couldn’t blame their subscribers for being happy with the service? I find it hard to blame them simply because I’m a Netflix subscriber. I enjoy having unlimited content at hand. It’s not just a feeling of “power” but it saves me a trip... Read More »

Afterhours 2009 Lineup

AH Returns Ever since we packed up on the night of July 3, 2008,  the AfterHours crew has been planning for 2009.  In fact, even as we were setting up for 2008, 2009 was already on our minds.  Well, last year, we had what may be the most successful year ever at the good ol’ barn.  The bar for 2009 was raised to new levels.  We’re always planning, always strivin... Read More »

Afterhours 2009: Call for DJs

For some of you, it may be a shock that a year has gone by already and that it’s time once to plan our stage at the annual Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, Il. For those of us who work here, we never stopped. I wish could jokingly say that Kevin, Alex and I (among others) started planning for 2009 the moment we got back from Cornerstone last year, but the truth of the matter is that the d... Read More »

Afterhours 2008: Lineup

Twenty-five years ago, a group for Christians with a love for music decided to put together a festival dedicated to Christian Rock. Over the course of twenty-five years, that festival has changed locations and expanded to cover everything dealing with Christians and well… creativity. The festival’s name: Cornerstone. The festival’s founders: Jesus People USA. The festival’s location: Bushn... Read More »

The Business of Dance Music: Episode Nine – From Birmingham to Bushnell: Making Cornerstone Happen

I just wanted to go into showing everybody what it took to make an event like “After Hours – The Cornerstone Dance Barn” happen.  Dave and I started talking about the possibility of taking over the Dance Barn back in December.  After getting the blessing from the previous management we got started planning the week’s events. Read More »

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