Community/Forum Guidelines

  1. You must be at least 13 to use the community. You also may only have one account.
  2. Say what you want and BE YOURSELF, but keep the content of your posts “Rated PG” and your language “Rated G”.
  3. Political and non-dance related spiritual discussions are not allowed due to past problems. If you start a thread like this, it will be locked. If someone makes a political or spiritual comment in a pre-existing thread, that is fine, so long as it does not shift the course of the discussion. If it does, the thread will be locked.
  4. Do not use this board for spreading ANY copyrighted material illegally.
  5. Treat everyone here with respect, even if you do not like them. This applies to both members and moderators.
  6. A member’s private information is to stay that way. Do not post other members phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal information.
  7. Any discussion may be locked by a moderator if it is deemed “too heated” or in violation of the rules. Violations of these rules will have consequences when deemed necessary ranging from a warning to bans of varying lengths.