HG Episode 7: Keith Babinec

HG Episode 7: Keith Babinec

Homegrown Episode 7 is brought to you by the letters E.C.L.O.R and T. Keith Babinec drops an hour of electro tunes sure to perk up your autumnal spirits (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is). Read More »

TFP Episode 31:  Joseph Mercado

TFP Episode 31: Joseph Mercado

Tastyfresh Presents is back!  We hope you enjoyed the special Cornerstone wrap-up episodes,  but now we’re back to our usual business.  This time,  we have Joseph Mercado,  boss of Next Dimension Records.  Anytime you see Next Dimension,  you can be assured top-notch music is close by. Read More »

FB Episode 7: September 2009

FB Episode 7: September 2009

And… we’re back. After almost a three month break, we’re kicking our usual schedule of podcasts off with the return of Freshbeats. This time around, we have an extended edition featuring some of the best tracks we’ve received over the summer. So check out this episode for 20 fresh beats spanning the globe and the world of genres. Read More »

Afterhours 2009: Aesias Finale

Our AfterHours 2009 coverage wraps up with Aesias Finale.  Yet again,  the technical gremlins came out to play,  but we were able to slay the beast and have a great night to finish off the festival. In this set,  the AF Squad brings you their unique blend of breaks,  house and electro.  Download and get into the night! Read More »

Afterhours 2009: Dave Richards and Joel Armstrong

Yes yes!  It’s on to night 4 of Afterhours 2009,  and the night begins with some techy goodness.  Dave Richards brings the tribal tech proper,  while the Super Sub Joel Armstrong jumps in to save the day!  Can Dave properly use Traktor?  Will Joel succeed as a sub?  Download and find out! Read More »

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