Live and In Studio

The Online Broadcasting Experience

Music costs a lot of money. There’s nothing worse than buying a record, bringing it home and realizing you bought something you’ll never be able to use. As to my motivation behind what I can or can't use, I try to think about a combination of what my listeners and I would both like (since listeners are, after all what radio is all about). I like to keep track of what people tell me... Read More »

The Drop: James Holt

My drop of the month happened at a student ball I was DJing at last weekend.  I was coming to the end of my 4.5 hour set (which was only supposed to 2 hrs but that's another story) and decided to wind up by cheesing things up a bit. Read More »

Osmotic Live: The Realization

This article will describe the way the live-act “Osmotic Live” (Gerwin Koudijs, Mattijs Kneppers and Timo Rozendal) was established. It will deal with all the problems we encountered and what we did to make it happen successfully. This act performed on the 13th and 14th of February in the Netherlands as support-act for Andy Hunter° during the Valentine Tour.  Read More »

Show me the money

I want to share some things I have learned about making sure you get paid. For the sake of this article i am going to try and map the progression I followed, and have seen others follow. I will share about contracts and getting your cash, but I think we need to fill in some blanks on the way; as I feel its all part of the same package Read More »

The Drop: DJ Dvyne

My drop of the month happened as I was playing my weekly radio show a couple of weeks ago. I have been experimenting with mixing funky-breaks and disco-house. Read More »

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