Top 100 DJs 2010: Vote Early, Vote Often

It’s that time of the year again. DJmag has launched its annual poll to see who is the most popular, sought after, and  well best known DJ.  Voting is open from now until September 2010. Last year the top djs were selected by over 350,000 votes and who knows how many viral campaigns by the DJs themselves and any record labels they are associated with.  Love it or hate it, you know that this poll is the biggest out there and it does effect the industry for the next year.


For many hard working DJs, simply being mentioned is enough to start changing the direction of their career. Adam Beyer made the top 100 in 2008 and was interviewed by DJmag in 2008. One of the things he was asked was who, in his opinion, was the breakout DJ/producer of the year. His response: Kyle Geiger. Kyle, as some of you know, is also a Christian.  After Adam’s endorsement, Kyle’s life got really busy… partially due to just a mention of his name.

I can’t promise you that the top 5 or even 25 will drastically change this year.  You know that the usual suspects will be up there, but throughout the lower rankings, change does and will happen. In fact, I know the most important part of the poll is not who wins the top slots, but who is new and fresh. Being the best and most popular doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, but being the one is the new gem is the real winner. And we have the chance to identify those gems again this year.

For years now, we’ve been promoting up and coming DJ talent here. It’s time that we unite and see if we can push it just a little further. Here are just a few suggestions for voting:

Kyle Geiger –

As mentioned, Adam Beyer considered him the breakout DJ/Producer of 2009. He’s got a strong body of work behind him and views DJing and producing as a symbiotic relationship.

Kenneth Thomas –

Kenneth has been around for some time now. He may be best known in the States as Paul Oakenfold’s opener, but since then he has broken out on his own. He’s got both the production end down as well as DJing which is his true passion. He has also started his own label: Myth Records.

Topher Jones –

Topher in 2008 was called up by Tiesto to be his opener on the “In Search of Sunrise” tour.  What is interesting about him, outside of his great personality is that until his DJ career started to take off, he worked full time with Young Life.

Greg “Stryke” Chin –

Stryke is truly a veteran in the scene. He’s got more endorsements from hardware and software manufactures than you can shake a stick at and is even on most of their development teams as well. When he’s not out promoting the gear he helped design, he’s in the studio perfecting his craft, but it’s not until he’s on stage that he really shines. Stryke is a master of blending new technology with old and tweaking it to the extreme.

Shiloh –

As many of you know Shiloh is pretty much home grown. Justin Moreh has been connected with the Christian music scene since the late nineties, however it wasn’t until he teamed up with his brother Colin that his career took off. They have toured the world numerous times now and had more than a hundred tracks and remixes released. The boyz know their music and know how to bring it. As far as I know, they’ve never made DJmag’s Top 100, but they should have.

I could go on. There are so many people who have been connected to this site in some way, shape or form over the years who deserve the recognition.  And… of course recognition isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it is nice to be recognized. So even if you are a bit jaded against the poll, please consider voting this year, but vote for someone you can believe in and someone who truly deserves it.

Here, let me make it easy for you. The link you need is Remember… vote early, vote often.

Dave Richards has been producing a mixture of tribal, tech and progressive music for about ten years now. He has had releases on Next Dimension Music, PWM Records, Deeplife Records and more. In 2002, he became the owner of and since then has developed the site’s name and favorable reputation across both the Christian and secular scenes. Currently, Dave works as the label manager with his partner in crime Kevin Oneel at MK837. World domination through “Jelly Doughnut” diplomacy is sure to follow.

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