Four Questions with Silverfilter

Silverfilter is a live PA, Producer/Remixer, DJ, and studio owner who has built himself up thru his live electronic performances and productions released thru various labels across the globe. Dabbling in the extremes, you can find releases from chillout tracks onto more housey tunes and into breaks and tech territory.

How long have you been a member of Tastyfresh?

I believe I joined around 2004 or 2005. I posted a few times and then wasn’t as active for a few years. I just recently picked up on participation again having finally put it in my bookmarks tab so I can frequent it

What first intrigued you about it?

That it was a community of Christians enthusiastic about club music! I really loved that fact. I felt like it was home somehow.

What have you learned from the site?

I’ve learned a lot in the exchange of ideas in terms of production, marketing, promotion and I’m looking forward to more. Seeing that as Christians, there’s an alternative way to do all these things was great and it’s good getting insights from fellow brothers in Christ. I’m very picky or at least not as active in other forums. I really take time to choose which ones I join and visit often and Tasty is in my top 5 because of the positive vibe shared in the posts.

Where do you see the site going in the next few years?

With the recent changes, I’m hoping that the community builds up with more active members to add to the pot of ideas. I’m hoping the site will not to explode out of proportion but to have a steady growth with quality than just numbers.

Dave Richards has been producing a mixture of tribal, tech and progressive music for about ten years now. He has had releases on Next Dimension Music, PWM Records, Deeplife Records and more. In 2002, he became the owner of and since then has developed the site’s name and favorable reputation across both the Christian and secular scenes. Currently, Dave works as the label manager with his partner in crime Kevin Oneel at MK837. World domination through “Jelly Doughnut” diplomacy is sure to follow.
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    This is really great! Awesome songs to listen to as well.