About Tastyfresh

DJ Marcuis of Salt Shaker Music at Afterhours 2011.

Welcome to Tastyfresh.com. Since December of 1996, Tastyfresh.com has been the online community for Christians who love electronic dance music. The community is comprised of fans, DJs, producers, promoters, visual artist, sound technicians, lighting artists and more who are Christians. If you are not a Christian, don’t worry. You are still more than welcome here.

Why Are We Here?

Tastyfresh.com’s main goal is to hone talent. We want you to move from where you are now, to someplace better. If you are just starting out as a DJ or producer, it is our goal to help you become more experienced. We do this though the articles we post on the site, exposure through our podcasts, opportunities to play live and perhaps the most important is through direct communication using our forums. If you are looking for a tutorial site, we’re not it. If you are looking for a source of encouragement from like-minded individuals, many of whom who are professionals within the scene, welcome home.

Over the years, we have  published many articles and reviews, hosted multiple podcasts, connected thousands of like-minded people from around the world, raised money for various charities and members in need, prayed for one another, produced several CDs, had multiple labels and artists “birthed” from our community, managed the EDM stage at the Cornerstone Music Festival and more. We’re not a community of people who simply sit back and do nothing. We’re an involved community that works locally when possible and internationally at all times.  In fact, Tastyfresh.com can be summed up into two main missions:

The Secular Mission:

  • To go into the club scene as a light in darkness.
  • To always bring quality in what we do and always be ethical and fair in our dealings with others.
  • To live out the values of Christ that are so often not what those who are non-believers see.
  • To share Jesus with people as we are led.
  • To strengthen one another so no believer should fall into temptation
  • To gently restore those who do fall.


The Christian Mission:

  • To do all that we do in a way that brings Glory to God
  • To utilize electronic dance music as a tool of worship in today’s church
  • To encourage one another in their walk with God
  • To lead others into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To gently restore those who do fall.


As you can see, both missions have a lot in common and neither is more important than the other. The truth is that the points of difference are what help to keep this community diverse. Our members are from every political spectrum and just about every denomination as well.

Paul wrote about how the body would not function very well if every part was an eye. The same is true with collectives. If we only focused on the secular side of things, we would miss out on opportunities of worship. Likewise, if we only focused on worship, we would never step outside of the church walls. We were called to be aliens in a foreign land, not to go native and not to remain home.

Well, that’s us in a nut shell. We’re far more complex than simple. We love electronic dance music and God. The main question that you should be asking yourself now is… what the heck does Tastyfresh mean anyway?

What’s in a Name?

Jamey Wright, the founded of this site, was trying to find a name for it. He was at the movie theater one night and happened to be at the concession stand. He glanced at the popcorn machine and noticed the words “tasty” and “fresh” were written on it. So… that’s it.  Tastyfresh.com was just something Jamey saw on the side of a popcorn machine.


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  • timmy g

    i love good music. i was born to be in music. dont really like hard hitting sounds like dub-step but i do love a well rounded, wholesome disco song, i believe i found my mission goal. to simply bring spread and enjoy good music, simples